Dulverton Primary School

House Captains


On joining Dulverton Primary School, each pupil is enrolled into one of four houses. These are named after parks in our local area. 







Each house has two Year 6 House Captains. All Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to be elected as a House Captain. They are responsible for writing a speech and delivering this to their House. The children in Years 1 -6 listen to each speech and then vote democratically for their chosen House Captain. The children appointed our new House Captains for this educational year. 


Our House Captains for 2022/2023 are: 


Penhill - Ashwin and Freya

Avery - Darcey and Dilan

Hollyoak - Imini and Rosie

Willersley - Mya and Teo


The position of House Captains are highly regarded within the school. They carry out duties each week to support staff and meet with the Deputy Headteacher on a weekly basis. During these meetings, decisions are made for fundraising, competitions for the children in the school to take part in and the children write their contribution for the weekly newsletter. We expect the House Captains attitude and behaviour to be of the highest standard. Other children in the school should view the House Captains as role models thus their appearance, attitude, hard work and determination should be an inspirational message to all members of the school. 


Responsibilities include: 


  • To be positive role models for their younger peers 
  • Encourage good behaviour and hard work in others through the promotion of house points ● To liaise with other pupils in their house groups, allowing them to voice any concerns or suggestions
  • Be responsible for setting up assemblies ● Meet with the Deputy Headteacher on a weekly basis
  • Create opportunities for children to fundraise and take part in competitions