Dulverton Primary

Dulverton School Breakfast Club Butterflies Christmas Wish Tree

The tree is made from chicken wire from Mrs Piper’s garden and is covered with a green tablecloth and a piece of material from the craft box, all these items will be returned to their original use when the tree is dismantled.

The butterflies were decorated in breakfast club by the children and will be used to decorate the BC information board in January.

The children were asked what their hopes and wishes were for Christmas, not just for themselves but for their family, friends and for others around the world. They came up with a long list and to their credit the hopes and wishes were more for others than themselves. We hope you have time to read their thoughts on the gold and silver butterflies. It has been decided to keep these butterflies and use them in some sort of display or piece of art work later next term.


We wish you all a very Happy Christmas