Dulverton Primary

"We love to learn, we like to play,
we do our best in every way!"

Aims, Ethos & Values

Aims & Ethos

Dulverton School is a community where every member is valued and respected. We foster a positive attitude towards learning and expect children to achieve their very best.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum to each child irrespective of race, creed, colour or gender. Individual children are encouraged to be confident and articulate, developing into autonomous and enquiring learners.

By promoting challenging moral, cultural and spiritual opportunities we aim to develop a tolerance towards others' beliefs and values.

Values & Our Mission Statement

Dulverton School through working in close partnership with parents/guardians, staff, governors and the wider community aims to provide a stimulating environment for learning.

This will be achieved by:

  • Providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment where boundaries are clearly defined
  • Children valuing themselves and others and knowing that their ideas are important
  • Encouraging children to become independent learners who feel confident to take risks and make their own decisions
  • Developing an effective partnership between home and school
  • Meeting the children’s learning needs in a challenging and enjoyable manner
  • All adults having a shared understanding and being supportive of these principles


Traffic Light Behaviour System

Traffic Light Behaviour System