Dulverton Primary School

Motto, Mission Statement, Ethos and Values

Our motto, mission statement, ethos and values were created collaboratively by children, staff, parents and Governors in September 2020.


"We love to learn, we like to play, we do our best in every way!"


Mission Statement

We are a happy community where curiosity for learning is encouraged and celebrated. We inspire each other to achieve our very best.


Ethos & Values

Our Values are our core beliefs which are at the heart of all of our development and promoted daily in all that we do. They are reinforced through whole school assemblies and incorporated within our curriculum.  


At Dulverton Primary School, we:

  • Have high expectations and share our achievements
  • Respect each other and our environment
  • Celebrate our differences
  • Promote independence, integrity and responsibility
  • Promote curiosity and a love for learning
  • Care for each other, our community and the wider world


The Department for Education has stated that there is a need 'to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.' These values are incorporated within Dulverton Primary School Values as well as taught specifically through PSHE and Religious Education.  Our children are also given real opportunities to explore British Values (please see our British Values Intent, Implementation and Impact section).

Our School Values

Integrity & High Expectation

Kindness & Difference

Friendship & Curiosity

Respect & Independence

Care & Community

Love Learning & Achievement