Dulverton Primary School


At Dulverton, we hold a high regard for the positive value that an active and healthy lifestyle can have on children’s physical and mental well being and learning.  We place emphasis on ensuring our PE provision provides all of our pupils with a high quality physical education as well as immersing them in opportunities to participate in a range of physical activity throughout the school day. We believe this will actively enable and inspire our pupils to lead active, healthy lives and to be fulfilled by physical activity both in school and outside school.

We strive to provide our pupils with opportunities to:

  • Experience, develop skills and excel in a broad range of sports and physical activity
  • Discover and develop their physical potential 
  • Recognise and celebrate the cognitive, social and emotional learning opportunities that PE provides
  • Be physically active across the school day including access to equipment and sports coach led activities at playtimes and lunchtimes as well as taking advantage of cross curricular learning opportunities
  • Take part in both intra and inter competitions  
  • Attend a range of extra-curricular sports clubs 

All of which supports our pupils to leave Dulverton as the best version of themselves.