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Pupil Asset - Parent & Communication Payment System

We are pleased to tell you that Dulverton Primary School has migrated to Pupil Asset, a new system which integrates several of the school’s systems and therefore offers additional benefits by having all information in one place. 

Below is a list of the key features in Pupil Asset:

  • Pupil lunches - Record your child’s meal choices for the week, up to three weeks in advance.
  • Payments - Make payments for specific trips, clubs or items, top up your school meal balance and see your payment history. 
  • Attendance - Shows attendance for the year as well as giving you the ability to log absences. 
  • Notify Absence - Notify your child’s school of any absence. 
  • Reports - Download any pupil reports from your child’s school.
  • School information - View contact information for your child’s school. 
  • Messages - View any messages sent from schools via the app.
  • Events - View and give consent to any upcoming events your child is set as attending. 
  • Settings - Update the information we as a school hold for you.

What this means for you: 

One of the systems that Pupil Asset will be replacing is ParentMail. There will be 

a gradual transition process away from ParentMail. Transition plans are as follows: 

June 2021

    • Communications: effective Monday 21st June you will no longer receive messages from ParentMail, they will come from Pupil Asset but still in the form of email or text messages. We will be using Google Forms to collect information.
    • Notify absence  - Notify your child’s school of any absence. Please remember to email info@dulverton.education any documentation for a medical appointment.
    • Settings - Update the information your child’s school holds for you.
  • All payments will continue to be made via ParentMail until August.

July 2021

  • Pupil Reports 

August 2021 -  Further information will be sent before the end of July. 

  • Booking pupil lunches
  • Payment of lunches, trips and events  
  • Booking and paying for Breakfast & After School Club

September 2021

  • Attendance Information 

We will keep you informed through each stage of the transition and your support through this period would be greatly appreciated.

Setting up your access to Pupil Asset: 

You can access Pupil Asset either from your computer by portal (http://secure.pupilasset.com) or there is a Pupil Asset Parents App that can be downloaded for free on Android and Apple smartphones and devices. See attached user guide for further information. 

Details of how to log on to both the portal and app can be found at the below link: https://www.pupilasset.com/help/how-to-guide/parental-communicationcontactsemailsmspattr/parents-app-overview-a-guide-for-parents 

Pupil Asset Parent App Guide Link:


Please note that if you are logging in via computer chrome is recommended, and your email address will also need to match the one held by the school. 

We would be grateful if you could please sign up to Pupil Asset by Thursday 17th June 2021. If you have problems logging in or have any further questions please contact the school office by email info@dulverton.education and we will be happy to assist.

Pupil Asset Parent App Guide